POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hat Testimonials“The LED Cap is great item. In our community when we walk our dog, we have to pick up after them. At night it is hard to see were to pick up but with the led cap it makes it a simple task.”

“I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter, year-round. Days begin early and end late at night. While out on a 10 p.m. walk, I actually saved the life of a client’s dog that was choking. I swear that without this hat & these powerful lights, I would not have been able to see or handle things as quickly and save him. I am lucky to have been given the hat as a gift from my boss- I’m finally ordering more today- 2 years later! In the washer and air dry- no problems!!“ “This hat with the lights in the front has been so useful for night walks with my dog. Works well, is an attractive light blue.”

“I use this hat to walk the dogs at night. Leaves both hands free to hold multiple leashes and pick up after them. Very easy to turn on. My friends that I travel with want one too!”

“This is a fun hat! Good for reading in bed, especially if the power is off because of a storm which it was in IL in May. Also, great to walk the dog at night at our cabin in the woods where it is very dark!"

“This is the best gift I ever bought my husband. This hat started as a joke and now he uses it for everything, walking the dog in the morning, fixing the sink anything that he would need a flashlight for he is now looking for this hat. I am going to buy one for each of his seven brothers as a gift!”
"I bought the 4 light hat a year or so ago to use to take my dog out but usually didn’t have to turn it on because she’d stay in the lit part of the yard. However, we just had an ice storm that knocked power out for 3 days and I can’t tell you how valuable that hat was to me. I could lug wood in the dark and not have to try and handle a flashlight while hauling the wood in. The hat worked better than any flashlight or lantern we had in the house. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and useful product! I’m going to buy one for my husband now too!" Kathy L.

“Your product saved the day when we lost power due to Hurricane Fay. Love the lighted hats.” Rick C.

“I sent 4 of your caps to my grandchildren in Georgia and the NEXT morning after they opened my package they awakened in pitch black darkness with high wind and rain– it was a tornado!. My daughter told them to put on their new caps and head for the basement. It didn’t hit their house but my grandchildren were much comforted by being able to see in the blackout in a scary time!” Helena R.

“What joy your camouflage hats have brought to my husband and his hunting buddies! Our friend who is handicapped with only one arm says it is his life line; walking in the dark, getting the key in the lock etc. This hat has become the extra hand for our friend.” Jan K.

“My lighted hat has become the most important “tool” in my hunting tackle box. Even when I’m not hunting I wear my lighted hat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this hat daily, it has become second nature to me.” Ray H.

“I just purchased two of your lighted hats and I am very pleased. My friends and I do a lot of canoeing and camping where hands-free operation of a light is imperative. Your lighted hat is great and the lights are powerful! Thanks for a product that fills a need, is practical and very affordable.” Jim G.

“What a wonderful new safety device for bicycling at night! The lights work great and are very bright and the hat fits no problem under my heavier bike helmet. The lights reflect off road signs a block away! I consider your hat money well spent for my safety and well-being.” Chip H.

“My boyfriend and I recently bought 14 of your hats for ourselves, friends and family. They are the greatest and handiest thing! My boyfriend has his own carpentry business and we’d love for you guys to do our hats!” Lenore D.

LIGHTSPECS® LED Lighted Reading Glasses Testimonials

“These lighted glasses are perfect for reading at night instead of lighting the whole room. I keep them on my nightstand.” Sara P.

“The light from these glasses is just right for reading at night or in rooms that aren’t well lit. They are also useful for doing close-up work like sewing or counted cross stitch.” Martha L.

“Great to use at home and while traveling.” John A.

“The lights are very bright – able to take a room from complete darkness to enough light to read by.” Laura W.

“My husband likes that I can stay up to read and not turn on a lamp while he goes to sleep. Wish I had thought of this.” Kathy G.

LIGHTSPECS® LED Lighted Safety Glasses Testimonials

“Great for working in any low light situation.” Adam C.

“I use these when working with my Dremel on very fine work. The extra light really helps.” Gordon R.

“Good LED output, especially for working in dark areas of the basement or attic.” Warren S.

“Wearing these glasses sure beats trying to hold a flashlight and work with my hands at the same time.” Ryan G.

“These glasses are really good for wiring electrical panels – especially in new construction where I can’t always be sure there is power for portable lights.” Chad M.